At QGI, our view is that indices should be innovative, efficient, and most of all, practical. To accomplish this goal, we put an emphasis on indices derived through quantitative measures. By removing the seemingly infinite complexities of discretionary approaches to indexing, we provide tools that help speculators, investors, and other market participants to profitably navigate markets with empirically-backed methods.

Our creation process first begins with staying up to date with trends in markets by examining the latest academic studies, conducting proprietary data analysis with high-quality market data feeds, and testing the viability of new research in live market environments.

Once the efficacy of a new product has been proven in different market environments, it then goes through a rigorous code analysis which seeks to optimize the index and remain completely free from bias.

Finally, once tested and deployed, engineers work around-the-clock to ensure the critical uptime and functionality of all of our core products.

This value-first approach is why clients trust QGI as a source of innovative and alternative alpha. See more of what we have to offer: QGI Indices.

Innovative, Insightful, Intelligent.


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