As the presence of retail traders and institutions continue to expand in financial markets, so does the need for innovation.

While indexing itself is an industry as old as markets, it must serve an ever-changing base of end-users. Picture Diego, Diego has been a long-time investor, but recently, he has become skeptical on the ability of major indices to continue strong performance, so he searches for alternative corners of the market to generate returns. He’s not sure what direction the market will go in, so he wants something that is not only profitable, but market-neutral.

Unfortunately, while there are many ETFs and Indices to choose from, they don’t offer Diego the exact solution he needs. Diego needs an index provider with a personalized, affordable approach that services his needs and benefits him in the long-run.

Fortunately for Diego, QGI offers exactly what he needs. Whether it’s the dual-class arbitrage index for market-neutral returns or a brand new index specifically designed for Diego’s trading style, QGI has it.

Diego is just one of thousands of traders and investors searching for alternatives from mainstream products. Innovative and practical solutions exist solely to meet the needs of Diego and those who come after him. Without innovation, investors lose the incentive to participate in financial markets, which makes everyone worse off in the long run. When investor appetite is sufficiently substantiated, capital inflows continue to increase and markets continue to function efficiently.

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